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Soft Health and Healing Clinic's Use of Ultrasound

As a therapeutic modality, ultrasound is a type of heat therapy for soft tissue damage to minimize swelling and pain, reduce muscle spasms, and expand the range of motion. Making high frequency sound waves, ultrasound penetrates deep into an injured area, creating heat that pulls blood into the area in order to enhance the healing process.

Ultrasound is applied softly with a handheld soundhead, using strokes or circles over the injured area. An ultrasound gel might be applied during the ultrasound therapy session. The role of an ultrasound is to expedite your healing process and relieve your pain.

Research Studies

In one study, the adding of ultrasound to exercise treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis relief reduced the amount of analgesic usage by the patients. (1)

  1. Goren A, Yildiz N, Topuz O, Findikoglu G, Ardic F: Efficacy of exercise and ultrasound in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: a prospective randomized controlled trial. Clinical Rehabilitation 2010; 24(7):623-31

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