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Brooks Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Help Back Pain

Healthy lifestyle behaviors are healthy. That sounds right! What healthy lifestyle behaviors are healthy for Brooks back pain and Brooks neck pain patients? Which behaviors support their efforts to avoid future back pain and get over the current bout of back pain and neck pain? Soft Health and Healing Clinic would say they are physical activity, low or no alcohol consumption, not or quit smoking and nutritional diet consumption. (Fruits and vegetables are wonderfully health-giving!) Brooks healthy lifestyle behaviors benefit the lives and spines of our Brooks chiropractic patients and their families.


Back in 2014, a set of researchers suggested that healthy lifestyle behaviors concerning smoking habits, alcohol consumption, leisure physical activity and the eating of fruits and vegetables appeared to lessen the risk of long-term low back pain in women who have low back pain occasionally. Their risk of having long term troubling low back pain was reduced by 35% if just one healthy lifestyle behavior was in place and by 52% if all 4 healthy lifestyle behaviors were in place. Researchers therefore proposed that advocating healthy lifestyle behaviors would better the outlook of women’s back pain. (1) Male and female low back pain patients who are obese or overweight require more than simply a phone call or advice about taking on healthy lifestyle behaviors to relieve their back pain. (2) That is where Soft Health and Healing Clinic comes in. Soft Health and Healing Clinic offers our Brooks chiropractic patients the chance to chat about and add healthy lifestyle behaviors to their lives to prevent Brooks back pain and Brooks neck pain as well as cut its duration whenever possible.


Soft Health and Healing Clinic understands that Brooks low back pain and neck pain patients want to be rid of their pain and their risk of future pain. What aids these Brooks back pain and neck pain patients with this objective? Healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy lifestyle behaviors affect our overall health. In studying just how these behaviors influence the risk of low back pain and neck pain, researchers found that healthy behaviors help men with their long-term low back pain risk and women with their long-term neck pain risk. (3) Both Brooks men and women who want to get rid of back pain and neck pain and control back pain’s future occurrence benefit from Brooks healthy lifestyle behaviors. Soft Health and Healing Clinic is here to help!

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