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Exercise and Some Brooks Chiropractic for Spinal Stenosis

Cox Technic is in the research news again! This time it’s for its success for treatment of spinal stenosis in the lower back. Soft Health and Healing Clinic offers this gentle, soothing technique to our Brooks lower back pain patients all the time. Soft Health and Healing Clinic knows the relief it offers, so it’s wonderful to see more support for its clinical application. Of course, with any treatment, patient care of their back pain issue like spinal stenosis is important. Soft Health and Healing Clinic offers suggestions of nutrition and especially exercise to strengthen the lower back and keep back pain at bay.

First, the new research about Cox Technic flexion distraction for lower back pain relief when caused by spinal stenosis sets the stage for future research. Sixty patients were in 4 groups. It was found that patients will optimally follow a treatment plan of 6 weeks of care. In this study, patients made about 75% of their appointments. (1) This sort of information is what all of us chiropractors in clinical practice need to know, too. We need to optimize the initial treatment visits as best we can before patients dismiss themselves from care! Then again, surely our Brooks lower back pain patients wouldn’t do that!?

Second, researchers report that lumbar spinal stenosis is the most common reason for spinal surgery in older adults. (2) That is so amazing to Soft Health and Healing Clinic because we see such great success and relief for our lumbar spinal stenosis patients, but the research doesn’t lie. Now, research further states that for severe spinal stenosis cases surgery is effective, but mild to moderate cases of spinal stenosis don’t necessarily need surgery. So what do patients and healthcare providers do when spinal stenosis rears his head? A variety of things, but it's not documented what's "best". That’s why a new study is going to contrast outcomes of care: medical care with manual and manipulative therapy with exercise. This is in hopes of defining which type of care is better for which type of patient suffering with spinal stenosis. (2) This is all very well and good, but what can Brooks spinal stenosis patients do now?

In Brooks, they can come see their chiropractor at Soft Health and Healing Clinic. The track record for relief is positive. Case reports of positive clinical outcomes without surgery are available. Spinal manipulation with Cox Technic, some nutrition, and simple exercise round out the treatment plan Soft Health and Healing Clinic has for your spinal stenosis pain relief.

Why exercise?  Again, research supports the intervention. In a study, patients with lumbar spinal stenosis who used home exercise programs report improvement in self-reported questionnaire scores and decreased pain. (3)

So contact Soft Health and Healing Clinic today. Bring your spine and any imaging studies you may have. Let your Brooks chiropractor examine your spine and individualize a plan for your pain relief.

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