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At Soft Health and Healing Clinic (SHHC) we encourage our patients to help set the stage for optimal healing of injuries for which they seek care.

  1. Decreased pain
  2. Increased range of motion
  3. Increased quality of life and function

We have found that by combining therapies we are able to reach these goals faster than with single therapies alone. This includes the use of nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements). Nutraceuticals are typically different than pharmaceutical medication in that their intent is to nourish the injured tissue. It may be necessary in the beginning phases of care to use pharmaceutical medication to help relieve pain. However, long-term use of these medications has side effects that are undesirable, most physicians would agree that taking the lowest dose possible in most situations is desirable.

Nutritional products help bridge the gap between pain and recovery by supplying specific nutrients to injured tissue, promoting optimal recovery. At SHHC we have partnered with Metagenics, an industry leader in the nutritional field. Because we are able to dropship these products via Metagenics we can offer savings that we can pass onto our patients.

For your convenience, we have an online Metagenics store to provide you products which may be shipped directly to your home for your convenience. Orders over $50 are subject to free shipping and handling. (These terms are subject to change by Metagenics)

Search for any nutritional product within the Metagenics catalog with the following link:


We have listed a list of common nutritional bundles and information on the products as well a direct link to the online store for your convenience. *Please read all caution/warnings and ingredients of nutritional products (for example Chondrocare contains shellfish - please avoid if you are allergic to shellfish).

Metagenics Bundles

#1- Chondrocare, Inflavonoid Intensive Care, SPM active (Chronic Joint/Disc/Soft Tissue Care)

#2- Chondrocare, Inflavonoid Intensive Care (Basic Joint/Disc/Soft Tissue Care)

#3- Chondrocare, Inflavonoid Intensive Care, SPM active, EC Matrixx (Optimum Joint/Disc/Soft Tissue Care)

#4- Magnesium Glycinate (Muscle Cramps and Spams/Relaxes Muscles)

#5- Folapro + Cortico B5/B6 (Nerve Symptoms-Sciatica/Numbness down the arms/Carpal Tunnel- Can be added to #1-3)

#6- MyoCalm PM (Nighttime Muscle Relaxation/ Overall Relaxation)

#7- Endura (Energy/Rehydration/Electrolyte/Mineral drink)

#8- OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 1000 Capsule (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

#9- OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 2400 Lq (Omega 3 Fatty Acids-Highest Concentration of EPA/DHA)

#10- D3 Lq (1000-IU) (Bone Health)

#11- D3 1000 tablet (1000-IU) (Bone Health)

#12- UltraFlora Balance (Probiotic) (Note it is recommended to cycle between #12 & #13)

#13- UltraFlora Spectrum (Probiotic) (Note it is recommended to cycle between #12 & #13)

#14- UltraFlora Intensive Care (Probiotic) (Ideal for Bowel Irritation)

#15- PhytoMulti (Multivitamin with Phytonutrients) (Tablets/Capsules)

#16- Wellness Essentials (Overall Wellness)

#17- Wellness Essentials Active (Overall Joint Support)

#18- Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance (Overall Blood Sugar Support)

#19- Wellness Essentials Men’s Vitality (Overall Men’s Health)

#20- Wellness Essentials Women’s (Overall Women’s Health)

#21- Wellness Essentials Pregnancy (Overall Support from Preconception to Nursing)

#22- Wellness Essentials Women’s Prime (Overall Support for Menopause and Beyond)

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