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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Orthotics are designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They are biomechanical medical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. We use the Vasyli Product Line for foot orthotic needs. 

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Orthotics - A Natural Treatment


It is estimated that > 75% of the population suffer from 'excess pronation' due to the tibial varum factor and the unnatural, hard flat surfaces we walk on daily.

'Excess pronation' often disrupts normal knee function and hip alignment and increases forces on the lower back muscles.

These biomechanical deficiencies are common in all types of patients from children to the elderly, from top athletes to people with a sedentary lifestyle.

By realigning the lower limb to its natural angle VASYLI orthotics ensure correct foot function and help relieve common biomechanical complaints.

In combination with the practitioner's regular treatment regime, orthotics are usually successful in alleviating chronic pains.

  ● Plantar Fasciitis

● Achilles Tendonitis

● Metatarsalgia

● Hallux Abducto Valgus

● Tired/Aching legs

● Patello Femoral pain

● Lower Back pain

● Tibial Stress syndrome

● Ilio-tibial band syndrome


Claim back your footprint...

The human foot was originally designed to walk on natural, soft surfaces like earth and sand. Instead, we now spend most of the day on unnatural, hard, flat surfaces like pavements and floors that force our feet to flatten and twist.

This 'loss of our footprint' has resulted in a new modern variety of pain and injuries.

The normal lower limb has a 3-4 degree tibial varum (mild bow-legged) angle when approaching the ground. Under natural circumstances when the feet strike natural surfaces like earth and sand, these surfaces give way to accommodate to the foot's strike angle.


However, when the feet strike hard flat surfaces like pavements and floors the feet flatten and pronate excessively upon contact. Excess pronation at the Subtalar Joint commonly exhibits:

  ● Calcaneal eversion

● Internal Tibial Rotation

● Medial plantar displacement of the talus upon the calcaneus

● Lowering and elongation of the arch structure

● Excess weight bearing over the 1st Metatarso-phalangeal joint

● Excess medial lower limb strain

● Excess lateral upper limb compensation


Reasons for Wearing Custom Foot Orthotics

• Restored balance and alignment to your body

• Injury prevention

• Better shock absorption

• Improved comfort and stability

• Pain relief


Insurance Information

As of 2012 new insurance guidelines require a patient who has orthotic coverage to provide a prescription from either their (MD, Podiatrist DPM, Chiropodist, or Orthopedic surgeon). There are a few insurance companies that will accept a prescription from a (Chiropractor DC, Certified athletic therapist CAT, Registered massage therapist RMT, or Naturopathic doctor ND). The patient may be assessed in our office before a prescription is obtained by their MD, although the patient will be responsible for the full orthotic fee once they have been ordered.

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